Jedidah Isler, Ph.D. | Bookings
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Request Jedidah Isler, Ph.D.
  • Please note that all expenses related to travel and lodging are required and are considered separate from the honorarium.
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Jedidah Isler, PhD
@JedidahIslerPhDMar 22
@GiveHerThePhD24 is from the future! Love you like cooked food and your future is SOOO bright! Thanks for being…
Jedidah Isler, PhD
@JedidahIslerPhDMar 20
RT @VanguardSTEM: "We cannot afford to perpetuate the stereotype that science is only accessible to certain people from specific background…
Jedidah Isler, PhD
@JedidahIslerPhDMar 20
RT @VanguardSTEM: As a Corporate Scientist for @3M, a lot of what Dr. Seth (@jseth2) does has to be kept under lock & key, but you can lear…